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Buy a Sony TV and get a free Playstation (kind of!)


With the PS3 being out for nearly four years, you would think that the PS2 would now be a footnote in gaming history. However, Sony has bought out a TV that features a built-in PS2 console.

The Sony BRAVIA KDL-22PX300 sports a 22-inch display and a slot at the base for PS2 games and DVD films.

While the games play in standard definition, the TV is capable of supporting 720p and boasts four HDMI ports, three USB sockets, a SCART socket, PC input and support for component cable.

The TV is quite handy if you have any PS2 discs floating around and no PS2 as the PS3’s backwards compatibility is almost non-existant.

It also features built-in Freeview and two Ethernet ports for ~Internet TV. The TV is out now and is priced at £200. Also, it’s only available in-store from Richer Sounds, apparently due to the numbers available.