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3D TV sales set to rocket in 2011

3d glasses
3d glasses

3d_glassesWe were led to believe that the Great British public were turning up their collective noses at the thought of 3D TV but it now appears that they are flying out of the shops.

Discounts on new 3D TVs of up to 40 per cent are stoking up the market to the point where they are selling faster than HD TVs did when they first came out.

According to a new report, sales of 3D TVs could reach 4 million globally by the end of this year. In Western Europe, around 1.2 million 3D TVs are expected to be sold. And this figure could rise  up to 3 million by 2011, doubling expected the sales of 3D TVs in Europe by next year. In  the US sales of 3D TVs could reach 5 million.

Futuresource Consulting, who carried out the research, said that “year-one adoption of 3DTV is running at a far quicker rate in most territories than it did for high definition.”

Bill Foster, the report’s author, said that products that use active glasses technology are now able to embed the 3D chipsets at relatively low cost. But he warned that glasses-free 3D is still a long way off.

“Toshiba’s announcement about its autostereoscopic 3DTVs, combined with a number of optimistic predictions across the industry, may be discouraging some consumers from investing in the current generation of 3DTV.”

“However, Futuresource research shows that autostereoscopic technologies are at least four years away from a large screen solution for the home, and it will likely be a few years beyond this before sets reach mass-market pricing.”

As reported in Absolute Gadget, subscribers to 3D channels continue to be low.