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TP-Link wireless surveillance camera review

TL SC3130G
TL SC3130G

You may want to keep your home under surveillance but it’s not always possible to run an Ethernet cable to where you want tokeep tabs on things. The Wireless 2-Way Audio Surveillance Camera from TP-Link gives you the chance to wirelessly watch out for intruders.

The TL-SC3130G surveillance camera can be used for both home and office monitoring. The 54Mbps wireless connectivity enables you to place the camera in previously inaccessible areas, such as ceiling and walls.

This camera can be placed anywhere you would like to keep an eye on things. After a hassle-free installation, you can view and control the camera from any Web browser, bundled software, or even a mobile phone.

There is even an ability to view the camera through MSN Messenger via the camera’s MSN View function. This allows you to watch your camera´s real time video right through an MSN window.

It also sports basic monitoring tools such as motion detection and  email alerts which is motion triggered sending an alert when the camera detects movement.

It also features two-way audio, dual streaming, and 3GPP compatibility, even the error detection tool “Ping Watch Dog”.

Overall, the camera is a worthwhile addition for those seeking extra security for their homes and offices.

Rating: 8/10