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Aussie fights rip off Britain

Kogan logo scaled
Kogan logo scaled

Is the UK being still being ripped off by high prices on consumer electronics? That’s the question posed by Kogan.co.uk founder Ruslan Kogan, as the 27 year-old Australian entrepreneur’s website launched in the UK this week. (We’re betting his answer is “Yes!”)

When announcing the launch Kogan said he believed British consumers were being ripped off to the tune of “millions of pounds” – even during the pre-Christmas sales (told you).

He’s not just here to moan, though, as his company Kogan consumer electronics designs, manufactures and sells a range of kit direct to customers online.

“UK High Street retailers all have a web presence, which is commendable. But why are they charging the same prices online as in store?” he asks.

“Is it fair that an online customer should be helping pay for the rent, overheads and other inefficiencies associated with selling through a shop? Selling online is all about efficiency that benefits the customer – the current situation has to change.”

Logan said his site could offer lower prices by selling manufactured goods direct and cutting out all the middlemen, saving on average 20 to 50 per cent on the competition.

“We’re kicking off our entry into the UK with a range of LED TVs and GPS devices, with the range expanding in coming months. Not only are Kogan TVs the best value on the market, but they also have the latest technology that big brand names take far too long to include in their products. Kogan Elite LED TVs, for example, have a PVR and USB input allowing you to pause, rewind and record live TV, as well as play downloaded photos, music and movies,” he added.

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