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Facebook leads mobile browsing

facebook friends
facebook friends

facebook_friendsFacebook was the most popular internet site on mobiles in December 2009, according to research published by Ofcom. It accounted for 45 per cent of the total time people spent online on their mobile devices.

The findings came in Ofcom research that said consumers spend almost half of their waking hours using media and communications of one form or another.

“Consumers are spending 45 per cent of their waking hours watching TV, using their mobiles and other communications devices,” the research revealed today.

“They are now sending four times as many texts per day than in 2004, spending almost a quarter of their time on the internet on social networking sites and spending three hours and 45 minutes per day watching TV.”

The study also found that people are increasingly multi-tasking – using several types of media at the same time. That allows the average person to cram in eight hours 48 minutes of media into just over seven hours during the average day.

The research found that the growing popularity of smartphones partly explained the rise. And while the under 25s drive mobile use, the over 55s are catching up, with half now having broadband at home – the fastest growing age group.

However, while we are doing more, Ofcom said it now costs us less.

“For the fifth year in a row, spending on communications services has decreased. Real household monthly spend on communication services fell 9.4 per cent over the past five years to £91.24, as more people choose to buy their services in discounted bundles” the report said.