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Brother app scans and prints

Brother print logo
Brother print logo

Brother_print_logoWant to scan and print – Brother has an app for that. The printing company is launching the world’s first iPhone app that allows users to scan to and print from their mobile phones.

Brother iPrint&Scan is free to download and allows customers to wirelessly print from and scan to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – using a compatible printer from Brother’s latest inkjet multifunction printer range.

“The first and only company to develop an app that performs both these tasks, Brother is providing customers with a unique feature to maximise further the functionality of its printers,” said a Brother statement.

Brother said the mobile application had been developed in response to the ever-growing popularity of smart phones and the development of more advanced handheld devices such as the iPad, is released and ready to be downloaded now.

All of Brother’s latest inkjet multifunction printers introduced from 2009 onwards that have a wireless interface will be fully compatible with the application. Models with network interface are also compatible when connecting to a wireless network.

The application has been initially launched in English, with plans to introduce French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch versions by the end of 2010.

Brother is also developing similar apps for other smartphones, including Google Android handsets.