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Blu-ray gets bigger

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blu-ray-logoBlu-ray discs are getting bigger. A new high-capacity version of the format will more than double the amount of data the discs can hold, according to the Blu-ray Disc Association.

The BDXL format will hold up to 128GB of storage on write-once Blu-ray discs and 100GB on rewritable discs.

However, you’ll need a new Blu-ray device to play the discs. That’s because BDXL uses up to four recordable layers, while current discs use only two layers. In order to read those extra layers a Blu-ray player must have a more powerful laser than the current generation of Blu-ray machines.

The increase in capacity is designed to be used by broadcasters and professionals, who need to archive large amounts of data such as video or images.

The first discs are expected to be available in the next few months. The BDA said that areas that have seen a large uptake of Blu-ray recorders will also sell a consumer version of BDXL at a later date.