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Anthem sings light rejection praises


Anthem_AV_Black_Diamond_II_1.4Anthem AV Solutions claims to have cracked the problem of using home cinema projectors in normal lighting conditions. The company says its latest ambient light rejection screen – the Black Diamond II 1.4 – combines a positive gain material with a wider viewing angle.

“Unlike other light rejection screen materials available, Black Diamond II enhances projector performance by creating the ultimate contrast (blacker blacks, whiter whites), colour accuracy, depth of field, and video immersion in both ‘dark’ and ‘bright’ environments,” a statement from Anthem said.

“So now it is possible to experience a 142-inch image in the front room – ideal for watching events that demand a big screen and you don’t want to turn the lights off for, such as this summer’s football World Cup.”

The second generation Black Diamond screens come at a cost, with a suggested price of £3,000 for an 110-inch diagonal screen. However, Anthem says a similarly sized large screen LED or LCD would cost around £100,000.

Fixed frame screens are custom built to any size from 80 to 113-inch diagonal for 16:9 and 80-142-inch diagonal for 2.40:1 aspect ratio.

The standard finish is textured black velvet, but for an additional charge buyers can choose from four wood veneer or 10 coloured velvet frame finishes.

You can find video of the Black Diamond products online here.