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30 mins of tech help free!

Virgin Digital Help logo wht
Virgin Digital Help logo wht

Virgin_Digital_Help_logo_wht“Virgin has this week launched 30 free minutes of tech help for everyone in the UK,” the helpful spokeswoman for Virgin Digital Help tells us. “So if you are having problems with your PC or iPod or printer, etc, you can get a free half hour phone call or help remotely to sort it out.” And you don’t even have to be a Virgin customer to take advantage of this offer…

Users need to sign-up at the Virgin Digital Help website before 31 March and they will be emailed an electronic voucher (Virgin promises that there’s no lengthy registration process or need to provide credit card details).

The free help session can then be used at any time over the next six months, so users can get expert help next time their technology breaks down.

“Up to 30 minutes of free tech help for everyone in the UK will get Britain’s misbehaving technology back in line and take away tech stress,” says the spokeswoman.

And, if a recent survey by Virgin Digital Help is anything to go by, we reckon she’s right.

Out of 2,000 British adults, a third said that their technology has caused them real stress. Amazingly, 78 per cent have shouted at their products, 21 per cent have thrown them against the wall and 14 per cent have even punched technology!

The free help session is limited to one per person, and users need to take it up within six months and be resident in the UK. Full terms and conditions can be found online here.