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Caze turns iPhones Rainbow bright

Caze Jade polish rainbow iphone
Caze Jade polish rainbow iphone

Caze_Jade_polish_rainbow_iphoneCaze has created a “rainbow” version of its Jade Polish Swarovski case, embellishing its see-thru protector for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.  “The crystallised version of Jade Polish adds more than 50 Swarovski crystals of different colors at the bottom of the case to form a beautiful and charming rainbow pattern,” a Caze spokesman said.

The Jade Polish case features an anti-interference translucent coating that won’t affect the signal.

Customers who buy the Jade Polish Rainbow case also get an iPhone stand, a mirror screen protector, an anti-fingerprint screen protector, a microfiber cleaning pouch and a Swarovski Apple logo for free.

“The Swarovski Crystal Apple logo features more than 40 crystals and is visible from outside the case for a classy look,” a Caze statement said.