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MWC 2010: Avatars alert mobile users to phone status

propal pilou animeV2
propal pilou animeV2

Usually your phone will go bleep if it is just about to run out of juice, but now it could be a cartoon hamster that could be alerting you instead.

The latest in personalisation features for mobile devices was announced at Mobile World Congress this week by Bluestreak Technologies. The company has created some idle screen video animations that will provide a novel reminder of changes in phone status such as battery power or network reception.

Pilou the Hamster is one such avatar who can be downloaded to most mobile phones for 99 cents. Pilou sits on the phone’s idle screen racing on his favourite wheel. As the battery power diminishes, his level of activity decreases, indicating that it’s time to recharge the phone.

You can download these new applications today from iTunes, the Ovi Store, the Android Market or the Cellfish Media Storefront named KKO Club.