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An e-book for comics fans

iRiver Story e Book Reader
iRiver Story e Book Reader

There are many e-books now on the market. Like, five at least. But they don’t offer a proper option for viewing a bit of the Batman (or a bit of the Black Hole, to arbitrarily pick a title from Absolute Gadget’s bookshelf in a vain attempt to look a bit more sophisticated in our reading tastes). Bing! Well, looky here.

iriver (that’s not a typo, this company is too flashy for capital letters) is launching an e-Book by the name of the iriver Story. A lightweight bit of kit that can store 1,600 books, it can also be used to read PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and the like, as well as storing digital photos, MP3s and an ukulele. (One of those features is a lie.) And, of course, proper comic viewing for all and sundry. Hoorah!

Kuno Kim, CEO and President of iriver said: “The iriver Story e-book offers an exceptional experience for readers. We believe iriver is shaping the simplicity and power of e-reading now and in the future and our products are designed to provide all the features users expect in an easy-to-use format. Our aim is to bring together the best of e-Book functionality with light, portable and powerful capacity features.”

Here are a few stats to keep you going:

  • Weight: 284g
  • Size: 203.5 x 127 x 9.37mm thin
  • Primary display: 90x120mm (6”), 600 x 800 pixels, 8gray levels, 167ppi
  • Battery life: 9000 pages over 100 hours
  • Memory: 2GB Flash; External memory: SD card slot (Max 16 GB)
  • Operating System: Linux
  • CPU: Samsung ARM9 533MHz
  • Other interfaces: USB 2.0, headphone, VoiceRecorder, MP3, Picture/Comic Viewer, Office viewer
  • Microphone – built-in; Speaker: 0.5W x 1

The Story is in the shops right this very minute. The press release says it’s available “through Waterstone’s and other high-street book retailers.” So, um, just Waterstone’s and Smiths then.