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Tesco could spark cheap iPhone war

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3gSo far with Orange on board selling the iPhone there has been little in the way of a sense of the iPhone getting cheaper to own, but all that could change as Tesco announced that it will be selling the Jesusphone alongside the cornflakes.

The supermarket giant confirmed that it will be retailing the smartphone as Apple gears up it UK distribution channel. So far the iPhone has only been available on O2 and Orange with the Carphone Warehouse and recently Phones4U getting in on the Apple smartphone action.

According to sources, the UK’s largest retailer will be stocking the phones “shortly” and more importantly, just before the Christmas rush.

“It is a bit of a coup to get this before the other operators,” Tesco Mobile told V3.

While all this is going on, Vodafone won’t be able to cash in on the Xmas shopping spree as it agreed to sell the phone after Xmas. But the imminent coming of the messiah phone has sparked talk of a war with the phone possibly coming down in price and being available to the great unwashed for significantly less money than before.

Tesco has been gearing up to take on the mobile operators for some time and is planning to double the number of Tesco Mobile outlets to 200 by the end of next year. The move could see significant reductions in the cost of tariffs, and not just for those who want to get their mitts on the Steve Jobs smartphone.