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blinkx unleashes internet jukebox

blinkx music logo
blinkx music logo

blinkx_music_logoRadio is apparently rallying against falling listeners (damn you Spotify and internet radio) by circling the wagons on a catch-all website for UK stations. So it probably doesn’t want to hear about another online music venture that will see blinkx launch a new universal jukebox that gives users access to over 33,000 hours of music videos from over 10,000 artists.

“While MySpace and GoogleBox have launched services in the US and Australia, blinkx is the first to bring a music jukebox to UK audiences,” the spokeswoman tells AG.

blinkx Music allows users to find and watch music videos online, “putting the biggest collection of online music videos in the hands of consumers.”

Instead of simply using metadata such as keywords to track videos, blinkx’s search listens to – and even sees – the Web through “sophisticated audio and image tracking”, making it easy for users to navigate the scope of music videos available online.

Users can search by artist, album, genre or song to watch the music video of their choice, or simply browse the top tunes of the moment.

blinkx Music allows users to post comments and interact with other fans, and also offers background information about bands and their work.

“There are hundreds of thousands of music videos available on the Web today which makes it nearly impossible to navigate and find what you are looking for,” said Suranga Chandratillake, CEO and founder, blinkx. 

“Based on the success of blinkx Remote, our online TV guide, we recognised there was a need to help organise music videos and make them easily searchable on the Web.”