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Review: Tefal Quick Cup Deluxe Water Dispenser

Tefal Quickcup Deluxe Black main
Tefal Quickcup Deluxe Black main

Last year we reviewed the Tefal Quick Cup water dispenser and found it to be a revelation in tea making (so much so we went out and bought one for the office and later had it replaced four times). We hope that the new Quick Cup Deluxe can improve a little on usability and a lot more on reliability.

The Tefal Quick Cup Deluxe has a slightly larger water tank and the overall design lends itself to being placed snugly in the corner of the kitchen worktop. That said it doesn’t take up too much more room than a standard kettle.

The new version still only uses a third of the energy of a kettle to produce water but in use, the water comes out a lot quicker than its predecessor and a lot hotter (although still cool enough to drink almost instantly after a quick brew – it doesn’t come out boiling).

It has an adjustable tap so that it can accommodate a variety of cup sizes. Pressing the red button starts the magic and while the original one seems to stop after dispensing a certain amount of liquid, this one didn’t so you had to stop it before it spilt over. Luckily the new design also means there is a drip tray. Which does help as the previous one tended to leave water marks on the worktop after it dispensed water. The Deluxe version also seems to not spit as much if at all, compared with the previous version.

The Deluxe also sports the Claris water filter (as previous – costs about five pounds) and an indicator will tell you when this needs changing (usually after 50 liters of water). The indicator will also tell you when it is time to descale the kettle (500 cycles).

At £69.99, the Deluxe model is more expensive than the standard version, but hopefully all the improvements should mean that it should last a long time (we hope).

Rating: 9/10