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Football transfer market falls to 1p

Championship Manager 2010 box
Championship Manager 2010 box

Championship_Manager_2010_boxAbsolute Gadget thinks its Tech Premier League is pretty innovative. But Eidos Interactive has really decided to revolutionise its Championship Manager franchise by offering a downloadable PC version of the new game on a ‘pay what you want’ model. That means football management fans can own the full game from as little as a penny (subject to a £2.50 transaction fee). So £2.51 then…

Championship Manager’s Roy Meredith said the plan was to open the door for every football fan in the country to try the latest, “highly improved new version” of the game for the price they want to pay. A bold move at a time when the cost of transfers in football have reached record levels, with players fetching hundreds of millions of pounds between them and ticket prices at a premium.
“This is the best Championship Manager the studio has ever made and we want as many people as possible to try the full new game,” said Meredith.
This is the first time an initiative like the ‘pay what you want’ model has been tried in the videogames market and  echoes a similar initiative in 2008 by rock band Radiohead with the launch of their album In Rainbows.
Championship Manager 2010 will become the first football title available for the 2009/10 season and the ‘pay what you want’ promotion will run until midnight on September 10.  All fans need to pay is a £2.50 transaction fee plus any additional amount of their choice, starting from just a penny.
Championship Manager 2010 will also feature a new gameplay feature called CM Season Live – which is updated every month with real player data and information for the 2009/10 football season.

CM Season Live is additional downloadable content, available at just £5 for six updates, including all the latest statistics, scores, competition standings, player transfers, player stats, bookings and major injuries plus much more from the 10 leading countries in Europe.

CM Season Live will also be available for free with the purchase of the special edition boxed copy of the game, available for a limited time only.