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3 reveals new mobile wireless router

three mobile wifi
three mobile wifi

Mobile broadband is all well and good but there are some things that still have difficulty in hooking up the internet. Mobile operator 3 reckons it’s onto something with its new MiFi.

The device connects to the internet via 3’s 3G phone network. It then acts as a router allowing wireless devices, such as the iPod Touch, PSP, Nintendo DS to connect to the 3G network without needing a dongle physically attached to it.

The device, measuring 86x45x10mm, is secured by an eight-digit security key to prevent other wireless devices using your connection (and more importantly your data allowance).

“There are millions of Wi-Fi devices out there, but they can only be used in fixed locations. Consumer demand for easy and affordable internet access on the go is growing fast and we’re responding to that by announcing the UK’s first wireless modem,” said Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at 3 UK.

The device should be out in time for Christmas but pricing details are thin on the ground.

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