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IT industry backs Nasa hacker

gary mckinnon janis sharp jan2009
gary mckinnon janis sharp jan2009

A Sophos poll has revealed that seven out of 10 IT professionals believe that Nasa hacker Gary McKinnon should not be extradited to the US, despite the high court’s verdict earlier today.

The same poll conducted back in 2006 saw the IT community divided over McKinnon’s fate, with 52 per cent against extradition and 48 per cent for.

However, the latest figures show that there has been a surge in public support for the self-confessed hacker – with 71 per cent backing the controversial figure.

McKinnon has had tremendous support from hackers and ordinary people throughout this saga – but what is truly staggering is the support he has received from the IT community,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

“The consensus is that it is perhaps inappropriate to make an example of a UFO conspiracy theorist when serious crimes are still being carried out by financially-motivated hackers, stealing identities, sending spam and creating botnets.”

Sophos’ latest online survey questioned 550 respondents during June and July 2009, while the 2006 poll had 565 respondents.

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