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NAD A/V modules add HD

mdc nad building block concept modular design
mdc nad building block concept modular design

mdc_nad_building_block_concept_modular_design.jpgMDC has updated NAD‘s “Building Block Concept”, which allows the high-end A/V kit to be upgraded using plug-in modules. The idea is to maintain the initial investment by adding new technology at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire receiver. The latest modules include two options for upgrading audio performance and two options for upgrading video performance…

“With the introduction of NAD’s new plug-in Modular Design Construction audio and video modules to the UK, it is possible to achieve upgraded HD versions of the NAD T785, T775, T765 AV Receivers and the T175 AV Tuner Preamp-Processor,” a spokesman said.

The four plug-in modules add “valuable features and capabilities while enhancing input and output connectivity”.

These first four additions cover digital audio and HDMI functions, component and analogue video functions, and two-channel and multi-channel analogue audio functions.

Suggested retail prices are:
MDC AM 100 Audio Module £299
MDC AM 200 Audio Module £399
MDC VM100 Video Module £325
MDC VM200 Video Module £625 (Comes equipped with a VXP broadcast studio-quality image processor, in case you’re wondering about the sudden price hike).



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