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Nokia launches flagship 16GB N96 smartphone

nokia n96
nokia n96

The 3GSM wouldn’t be
3GSM without a flurry of announcements and rumours about new product
launches! (Ed. – It’s not 3GSM anymore, it’s the Mobile World Congress!) Here in Barcelona, Most people are salivating, Pavlov’s dog-style over what could be Nokia’s iPhone killer – the new N96. And we’ve managed to get some pictures of what could be the world’s most desirable phone.

The N96 takes up where its predecessor the N95
left off. It has doubled the amount of memory from 8GB to a whopping
16GB (possibly in response to the iPhone having a similar storage
upgrade. And if that’s not enough to store your songs and videos on –
it also has a MicroSD card slot so another tranche of data can be crammed into the phone for hours of entertainment.

It also has the usual five megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. Apparently it has also beefed up the flash with two LEDs so you can take half-decent pictures of your mates in dimly-lit nightclubs (although your friends would probably object!).


Should you get bored of snapping chums or listening to music it also has a DVB-H tuner so you can watch telly too.  (We hope it is a better effort than the Lobster phone we reviewed last year!)

Of course, it still doesn’t have a touch screen like the iPhone but the styling does seem inspired a tad by the Jesusphone to our eyes (we could be wrong – we do need one of these phones sent to us to investigate further).

is also said to be able to make and receive phone calls and text
messages too. (But this seems a bit old-hat to us – I mean a phone to
make phone calls!?)

More on this phone can be seen on the Nokia site itself – here.