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At last Sony joins the netbook party


We should have realised when people were reluctant to talk about any plans for a netbook the last time we met them,
for the company must have been working on something and indeed it has.
Behold the Vaio W-series and yes it definitely is a netbook.

until now, Sony has poo-pood the idea of netbooks as a "race to the
bottom". But the company’s new W-Series netbook shows that it has
certainly got its brand new sneakers on and slipped into a running

The device, which is clearly a netbook, features the standard netbook specifications. It has a 10.1-in screen with a 1,366 by 768 resolution, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor,
1GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive.

It also comes in three colours – white, black and pink –
with a matching USB mouse and soft case.

UK prices and a release date haven’t been made public yet, in Japan the
mini-laptop will sell for £387, which is unsurprisingly at the top end
of the netbook market and where Sony always likes to play.

Earlier this year, Sony launched its P-Series ultraportable notebooks and at £1300 it clearly wasn’t cheap and the company certainly tried not to mention the N-word (netbook) when showing us the ickle device.

only Apple stands as the manufacturer without a netbook. But then
again, it you can afford it you can buy your self a reassuringly
expensive tiny computer.

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