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Nokia was Frying last night

nokia n97
nokia n97

nokia_n97.jpgStephen Fry graced the official launch of the Nokia N97 with his presence last night (although if you’d turned up 15-minutes after doors opened you’d have missed him). Still, the Twitter king seemed to like what he saw of the device and had one thrust into his hands as he left the venue.

We’re not sure if he was as pleased with the bit of cyberstalking we witnessed, as one tech journalist took a picture standing behind him and tweeted it to him. Remember Stephen, we’re watching you!

AG also got its grubby paws on the lovely white devices and similarly liked what it saw.


A screen that bends up when it reveals the hidden keyboard underneath will make watching videos a bit easier. And you’ll be able to store plenty of those with the 32GB memory available. That keypad is also extremely useable…


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