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British Communist Party website infected

british communist party logo
british communist party logo

british_communist_party_logo.jpgThe website of the British Communist Party has had malware planted on it by hackers. The attack uses an altered Microsoft Silverlight script that executes malicious JavaScript code, identified by security firm Sophos as Mal/Iframe-F.

Experts at Sophos are warning internet surfers that many pages on the website could infect innocent users and give cybercriminals access to their computers.

"The Communist Party’s website infection is invisible to the naked eye, but buried inside the code of a plugin for their webpages," explained Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. 

"The code is designed to deliver funky animation and video effects to website visitors – but actually tries to invisibly download malicious code from web servers based in China and Russia."

Cluley added that cybercriminals have increasingly turned to using legitimate websites to spread viruses and Trojans.

"The Communist Party of Great Britain may not have been deliberately targeted by politically-minded hackers – it could just be that they are one of the 30,000 or so legitimate websites we see every day that have become infected because of lax security," continued Cluley.