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Seagate offers free shorts

seagate film promo
seagate film promo

Seagate short film promoSeagate wants you to buy its FreeAgent Go portable hard drive. So Seagate’s promo guys decided to come up with a promo. So if you buy the hard drive at certain retailers, you can download an hour’s worth of short films for free.

The company’s “Lights, Camera, Action” promotion (took ‘em weeks to come up with the title.  Weeks. Probably on a brainstorming mission in the Bahamas) is a team-up with short-film label Future Shorts

Basically, buy a hard drive in a shop that’s advertising the promotion and you can download an hour-long package of short films from your choice of five categories (Laughter, Love, Music, Award Winners or Animation). 

The deal’s running in the UK, France, Germany and Italy, with each country getting a localised film package, and carries on until the end of September. 

Full details are available here.