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New PSP to be shown off at E3 (probably)

psp go
psp go

have been floating round for months, but now it’s all but
confirmed that the new PSP will be unveiled to the world at this
year’s E3.

1UP has
been bragging about its sources "directly involved with the new
system" furnishing them with a metric tonne of delicious
information. Ready for a rumour-fact blast?

  • The
    machine will probably be called the PSP Go!

  • It’ll
    come in two memory-flavours: 8 or 16GB of flash memory

  • The
    UMD is getting the boot

  • As a
    result, there’ll be a number of old PSP titles available for
    download at launch (Gran Turismo Mobile being the premier offering)
    which, when combined with the new offerings, should give a launch
    line-up of 100 games

  • The
    control system will remain the same (no second analogue stick,

  • It’ll
    have a sliding unit that sticks out below the screen for the

  • Japanese
    release set for September, with the U.S. getting it late
    October/early November

unsurprisingly, has grumpily stated that it "does not comment
on rumours or speculation". However, these claims dovetail
enough with the rumours that have been circulating for us to believe
they’re pretty accurate. At any rate, there’s only just
over a month left ‘til E3, so we should find out soon enough.

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