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LG shows off its racy new TVs

lg lu5000 tv
lg lu5000 tv

LG LU5000Earlier this week, we were taken to Silverstone by LG where, alongside letting us loose on the racetrack with Ferraris, Porsches and other exotica, the South Korean company showcased its 2009 range of LCD and plasma TVs.

While it was painful being dragged away from the supercars, complete with newly-terrified instructors, we finally managed to take a look at the TVs, and were impressed with what we saw.

With more and more customers flocking to LCD panels, it’s good to see LG continuing to push the benefits of plasma technology – with huge and stunning image quality still available and no sign whatsoever of blurring when watching fast-moving images.

LG lined the two TV technologies up alongside each other – with the PS58000, PS6000 and PQ3000 ranges representing plasma, and LH7000, LH5000, LH4000 and LH300 representing LCD. All are available in sizes to suit a variety of budgets, with the largest plasma models topping out at a whopping 60 inches. 

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With so many new models available, and quite a few in front of us on the day, a few really stood out… Aside from the biggest one (naturally), the one we really wanted to take home with us was the LH7000 – available from 32 to 47 inches – which measures just under 40mm in depth – slim enough to sit happily on most mantle pieces.

The LU5000 – available from 19 to 26 inches – also caught our eye, being supported, as it is, by what looks suspiciously like a perfume bottle. We’re informed it’s a ‘unique and stylish design’, which is naturally open to interpretation, but we wait with baited breath other household item-shaped LG products – a deodorant-shaped fridge, perhaps.

Finally, LG was also keen to push its LF7700 range, featuring LCD technology and built-in Freesat. Freesat lets you watch high-deifnition programmes from the Beeb and ITV, along with over 140 other digital TV and radio channels, letting you take full advantage of the LF7700’s 1080p resolution.