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Veho Mimi gets arty

veho mimi wall mountable pc
veho mimi wall mountable pc

Veho mimi wall-mountable media centre PCThings we don’t want on our walls: dirty smudges, crayon marks, bad art, PCs. At least we thought that last one was true. Then Veho showed us its wall-mountable lifestyle PC, the mimi

“At Veho we like to do things differently,” says one of the company’s PR gurus.

“We manufacture products that make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Boring is bad and run of the mill is not in our dictionary.”

All of which brings us to the Veho mimi Wall PC…

This “stylish” media centre PC brings “innovation and good looks to any home or business by coupling wireless computing with high specification”.

So, what fun stuff can it do? Well, you can:
* Watch Blu-Ray DVDs
* Build an MP3 juke box
* Stream live TV
* Web conference
* Archive and view Photos
* Play online games
* Use it as a Boardroom Presentation Console.

Us, we just want it on our wall because it looks cool.