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Logitech camera nabs thieves in the act

logitech security indoor camera
logitech security indoor camera

Logitech Indoor security camera“Your home. Your small business. Your children. When you’re not there to see that your loved ones or your most important possessions are safe, how will you know if everything is alright?” asks Logitech. The answer from one Florida resident – install a Logitech WiLife digital video security system and tip the police off if the burglars come calling…

Jeanne Thomas was able to check on her home from work using her Logitech WiLife system and was amazed to catch a burglar in the process of robbing her house!

She was able to call the police, report the robbery and even watch as the police arrived to catch the burglar in the act.

Thomas told CBS News she was "shaking" when she saw the images, but having contacted the police they were on the scene in minutes.  

"They were there within the first three, four minutes," CBS News reported.

"They then had the house completely surrounded. Evidently, according to my neighbours, they had 18 police cars, they had the SWAT team, you would have thought that the Federal Reserve was under siege."

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The WiLife Indoor Video Security System (master system) costs $299.99 in the US.

Product Description
“The WiLife Indoor Video Security System is an affordable, PC-based way to monitor homes and small businesses. Load the software and plug in the cameras in just minutes – no new wires needed. The PC instantly becomes a security center, providing people with live monitoring, hard-drive recording, remote viewing via the Internet and cell phone alerts.”

Camera Features
* High-quality, color video (VGA or QVGA) and lens with glare shield for clear images
* Digital motion detection
* Receive motion detection emails and phone alerts with a text message, image or video clip
* Built-in video compression allows people to store more video longer
* Automatically adjusts for changes in light conditions
* Uses the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and HomePlug Networking, making them easy to set up
* Option to mount cameras: suction cup for windows, desktop stand or wall mount

About the WiLife Command Center
* Play back video from prior days, or months with the powerful search and playback controls
* Log in and view live video remotely using an Internet-connected PC or Windows phone
* Monitor live video for up to six cameras
* Secure video transmission.



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