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UK users want connected home

ericsson research graph
ericsson research graph

Ericsson ConsumerLab advanced digital TV viewers Pin Point blog IPTVEricsson has been carrying out 12 household interviews and 300 online interviews with advanced digital TV viewers in UK, Sweden, Brazil and Italy. And what has it found? Well, it seems people are ready for advanced ‘connected home’ features, but most early adopters are currently making do with their own DIY systems.

The ‘IPTV and the Connected Home’ study by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab found that:

* Demand for advanced TV and connected home features is driving consumers to create their own home entertainment systems. 33 per cent of the internet population in the study were very interested in creating ‘connected home’ environments
* More than half of UK consumers would like greater freedom and flexibility to access digital content from any device, from anywhere, combined with wireless connectivity between all digital content devices
* Operators need to deliver ‘super-simplicity’ to drive mass-market take-up of advanced IPTV-based functionality

The research also highlights the fact that games consoles are being used as a hub for home entertainment, as they are the devices which interconnect with the widest range of other devices and services in the home (ie. they can usually play downloaded content and DVDs or Blu-ray discs as well as playing games and music and connecting to components such as home cinema systems).

However, of an average of 16 digital content devices in the home, most devices remain strictly PC or TV-centric, and offer only limited or no connectivity to other devices. 

Ericsson has launched its Pin Point blog to discuss digital media issues specifically for the UK communications market.