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VideoBuddy takes YouTube to your TV

gear4 videobuddy
gear4 videobuddy

Gear4 VideoBuddy Apple iPod touch Wi-Fi ProControl AV YouTube TV Gear4 today launched a dongle variant of its ProControl AV, which allows iPod users to link their device up to their TV. The VideoBuddy is a “simple, portable” way of watching iPod movies on TV that needs no batteries as it’s powered from the iPod.

Simply link up the VideoBuddy dongle to your TV using the included RCA cable to watch your content on the big screen.

A Gear4 spokesman said that thanks to the iPod touch’s Wi-Fi function, users could access video websites such as YouTube and watch their favourite clips on TV.

“The ProControl AV and VideoBuddy are among the first of a new generation of AV kits, incorporating a new authentication chip from Apple that allows video to be streamed from the more recent iPod models,” a Gear4 spokesman said.

“Older video streaming accessories are not compatible with the newer iPods for this reason.”

The Gear4 VideoBuddy is available from April 2009 and costs £29.99 or €39.99.