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Frugal aims to lower your grocery bill

frugal tidal pool software
frugal tidal pool software

Frugal Tidal Pool Software lower grocery bill prices imperial metric Apple iPhone 3G iPod TouchIt’s the credit crunch, innit? You know, too much shopping, not enough bank overdraft left to pay for it. Tidal Pool Software thinks it has the answer if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch (that’ll be where your money went then…)

“Sometimes buying in quantity is not always cheaper,” says Adrian Baerlocher of Tidal Pool Software. “Find out with Frugal and lower your grocery shopping bill.”

Apparently, Frugal compares grocery prices to help find the best deal while shopping. It handles products in imperial and metric units to find out which actually has the best price and by how much.

Users can:
* Compare products by weight, volume and length
* Compare two or more items at a time
* Shows how much more expensive products are relative to the best deal
* Use history for checking your past price comparisons.

The program supports:
Number: Item, dozen
Weight: Ounce, pounds, milligram, gram, kilogram
Volume: Fluid ounce, pint, quart, gallon, millilitre, litre
Length: Inch, foot, yard, millimetre, centimetre, metre.

Frugal works with Apple iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and the iPod Touch.

And the price won’t impact your credit rating too much, costing just $0.99 from the Apple App Store.