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Review: Sony SRS-GU10iP iPod dock

sony srs gu10ip ipod dock
sony srs gu10ip ipod dock

Sony doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings in giving up its portable music crown to Apple’s iPod. The company has bought out a dock for it.

The Sony SRS-GU10IP is a standalone speaker system in black, which should compliment the black iPods out there. It is bigger and bulkier than most docks we have tested over the years. It combines a glossy black finish in a long, rectangular speaker.

The speaker sits atop a stand that is dock itself. On the dock lies some of the controls. Namely, a power button, input selector and volume control. The unit has no display bar som LED lights to denote power, input, bass boost and mute. These last two functions are accessible from the remote control only.

the device is compatible with just about all iPods and iPhones save the Shuffle (as it doesn’t have the standard dock connection). The dock will also charge up an iPod or iPhone. An auxiliary input means that non-iPods can also be plugged in.

In operation, the sound is good but tends to grate at higher volumes, distorting at levels above 80 per cent. The quality is ok for, say a dinner party, where at least people will remark about how the thing looks (in our test dinner party situation, 100 per cent of the guess – four people – agreed that it looked good).

{mospagebreak}But sound-wise it won’t impress audiophiles. The notes can be inaccurate sometimes, the sound distorts and sometimes overpowers when you turn on the bass boost, but the mid-range is where the unit does best.

There is no equaliser on the dock, so you have to rely on the iPod’s own function to set how you want your music.

The remote control that comes with the unit is good and easy enough to use. It is pretty straightforward enough to browse menus, skip tracks, play and pause music and enable shuffle and repeat modes.

At around £80-90, the price is reasonable enough but we feel it could have come with a few more features.

Rating: 7/10