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LG launches its first portable projector in the UK

lg hs102 portable projector
lg hs102 portable projector

LG first UK portable projector HS102LG first showed off its in HS102 portable projector in October 2008. Now it’s available in the UK for the first time, selling for around £550.


Measuring 154mm x 117mm x 50mm and weighing 780g, it can project a screen size of up to 500-inches.

“Whether it’s for use at home or at office, its compact design and simple plug and play functionality enables it to be a truly mobile screening device,” an LG spokesperson said.

It can be carried “in a handbag or laptop bag”, taking its black casing and red touch-sensitive buttons anywhere.

“Traditionally, projectors use an ordinary bulb that, once blown, is very costly to replace,” LG says.

“The HS102 has evolved from this and uses an LED bulb which not only lasts the entire lifetime of the projector, but uses less power and is free from mercury, making it more environmentally friendly.

Key specifications of the HS102:
* DFC: 2,000:1
* Brightness: 160
* Native resolution: 800 x 600
* Projection lens: manual focus, fixed zoom
* Native aspect ratio: 4:3.