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UK edges out Japan to become number games market

xbox 360
xbox 360

xbox_360.jpgThe land of the Playstation and Wii is not the biggest games market in
the world, nor is it any longer the number two. For the UK can stand
proud and say that we have the second biggest games market in the world and Japan hasn’t.

According to new figures, the UK has overtaken Japan in the number of games-related sales. The US remaining number one.

Compared with January last year, sales of games increased by 37 per
cent on the first five years of this year. The market grew 26 per cent
in 2008, overataking the Japanese in terms of unit sales.

UK GfK-ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch said that the UK could move ahead of Japan in terms of revenue this year.

"I haven’t got a crystal ball, but it’s very much a possibility that
the UK will overtake Japan in terms of annual software revenue," Bloch
told MCV.

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