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Sony PSP – now available in red

sony psp in different colours
sony psp in different colours

Up until recently you had Henry Ford’s choice of colours when it came
to the Sony PSP – any colour you liked as long as it was black. But no
more as the gaming company has announce its handheld will come in three
extra colours.

Sony had recently launched four new "carnival colour" PSPs in Japan and
now it set to launch the console in three shades in Europe.

The new colours have suitably pretentious names such as "Radiant Red",
"Mystic Silver" and "Pearl White". If Sony wants any more names we’d be
more than happy to oblige. We will happily break out the Dulux colour
chart Mrs. Gadget bought home for the living room re-decoration we’ve
got planned.

The silver and white consoles come out this month with red  slated for
March. We are surprised that no pink colour was announced for the lady

The PSP-3000 comes with an enhanced LCD screen, a built-in mic and a TV-out socket.

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Sony PSP - now available in red