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Toshiba launches iPhone rival TG01

toshiba tg01
toshiba tg01

Toshiba reckons it has on its hands a mobile phone that may prise you away from the Apple store and its desirable iPhone.

TG01 smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6.1 underneath the skin Tosh has
put on to hide the Microsoft OS. despite the OS, it boasts a Qualcomm 1
GHZ Snapdragon processor, making it a pretty powerful smartphone.

also sports GPS (with A-GPS); Wi-fi and 3G HSDPA and HSUPA as well. As
it runs Window Mobile 6.1 it features Mobile Internet Explorer 6.0,
which is not the best mobile browser in the world but can play flash

It has a huge 4.1-inch touchscreen and is a lot slimmer than other
smartphones on the market. The display is an impressive 800 by 480 WVGA

The OS has been reskinned and features a 3D gesture-based input system, which lets users control the phone with
finger swipes.

It has a microSD slot that can accept 32GB cards.

While it hasn’t got an accelerometer like the iPhone or even the
Blackberry Storm, it does have something Toshiba calls a "G-Sensor",
which despite the name isn’t feature that makes Google Android phones
explode within 20 paces, but somethin that lets you end a call by
shaking the thing.

The phone will be available across Europe in the summer.

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