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BT launches wireless information service in London

bt logo static
bt logo static

bt_logo_static.jpgWe are often
in the middle of London wondering what to eat, where to drink and more
importantly which friendly PR person is going to buy us drinks. Thanks
to BT, we will be able to do the first two at least.

The telco has launched a "personal, location-based Wi-Fi-enabled information service" in the capital.

Dubbed BT MyPlace, the service, is billed as a "pocket
concierge" and is available from any wireless device accessing BT
Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots  in central London and the West End.

When registering for the free service, users can record preferences such as favourite food, shops or
activities and then are sent recommendations of businesses in area based onwhere they are and what they like.

The service is funded by advertising and content partners include Time Out, Love
Theatre, Kodak, LondonPass and audible.com. Some transport information is
also available.

MyPlace will last six months as a free trial.