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Windows 7 ditches beta testing

windows 7
windows 7

Windows 7 ditches beta testingMicrosoft thinks that it will
have a hit with its Vista replacement Windows 7. The company is to
launch its Release Candidate 1 to a public that has been indifferent to
its previous OS.

According to feedback the Seattle-based company
it has received, the code appears to be rock solid enough to go onto
the next stage of development.

"There’s been such an incredible
response, with many folks even blogging about how they have moved to
using Windows 7 Beta on all their machines and have been super happy,"
Windows supremo, Steven Sinofsky, claims on the Engineering Windows 7 blog.

added that many were worried about what would happen if when the beta
expires and didn’t want to return to there old OS. Of course we think
that no-one would really want to go back to Vista would they?

While Sinofsky didn’t say when the Release Candidate would be launched but said "the
answer is forthcoming". With the present beta downloading timeframe
extended to 10 February, it seems unlikely that Windows 7 RC1 will be
released in February.

The move to RC1 seems to point to a full launch of the product in 2009.