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Mobile phone features put people in a quandary

blackberry storm sidebyside
blackberry storm sidebyside

blackberry_storm_sidebyside.jpgMost people in
the UK own a mobile, but with the advent of smartphones with cameras,
mp3 players and mobile internet, most of us find their handsets

According to a new survey by mobile consultancy Mformation, 85
per cent of people said that buying a new phone and getting up and
running was a "frustrating and difficult affair.

95 per cent of respondents said that advanced featured, such as web
browsing, could be used if they were made easier to configure and use.

4,000 people were questioned and Mformation spokesman Matthew Bancroft
said that bad experiences with phones were turning people off of using
their mobiles to the fullest.

"There is an enormous range of things modern phones are capable of
doing but the paradox is that many people are not using these
capabilities," he told the BBC.

study found that 61 per cent of people would stop using a mobile
application if they couldn’t get them working straight away.

said that as the processing power of smartphones increased the devices
should be made to anticipate what users wanted to do and guided them
through the process.

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