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Vodafone plans an even bigger pipe to your dongle with HSPA+

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broadband is a good idea in theory (except if you live around our way
and your contract mobile phones have no signal), nevertheless Vodafone
reckons its got one up on the competition as it trials its 16Mbps

The new HSPA+ uses ‘advanced modulation’ and ‘multiple antennae’ to increase speeds to a theoretical 16Mbps.

the trial is taking place in Spain in conjunction with Qualcomm and
Ericsson. Andy MacLeod, Vodafone’s Global Networks Director, said the
success was a "key milestone" in HSPA+ technology.

The mobile
operator aimes to use another technology MIMO to boost speeds further
to 21Mbps. If the trials prove successful, it could see the service
being rolled out on commercial networks.

The technology uses
64QAM modulation to increase speeds, currently the best speeds you can
get is 7.2Mbps and even then we feel you have to have the wind in the
right direction and sacrifice a goat to get near that on most networks.

Link: Vodafone

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