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Apple to be largest smartphone vendor by 2013

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3g.jpgThe desirable Apple iPhone will have the lion’s share of the smartphone market in five year’s time, according to analysts.

Generator Research
said that the Cupertino-based company will own 40 per cent of the
smartphone market by 2013, surpassing Nokia, Blackberry and even Google.

The company’s report said that Apple has "the resources, competencies
and motivation to invest in the mobile sector just at the time when the
economic climate is forcing many established players in the mobile
industry to cut back on product development."

It added that Nokia’s market share could fall from 40 percent today to 20 percent in that same period.

But the success won’t be down to Apple having just one type of iPhone.
The analysts said that if the company was to sell 77 million iPhone in
2013, it would need to have a range of different handsets for different

The company added that Apple’s App Store would be a critical component
to that success, much in the same way that iTunes is to the iPod. It
said the App Store would be developed by 2013 to the point where "third
party developers have access to network assets that will allow them to
write programs that can send messages and establish voice calls between
different iPhones."

Not much is said about Microsoft and its flagging Windows Mobile OS.

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