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Blackberry to launch touchscreen Bold phone in 2009

blackberry storm sidebyside
blackberry storm sidebyside

blackberry_storm_sidebyside.jpgThe Blackberry Bold could be getting the Storm treatment and get a new touchscreen interface according to a “leaked” roadmap published on a chat forum.

The roadmap, featured on a T-Mobile users forum, pointed towards not only a touchscreen Bold but also a Storm with a slide-out keyboard. The Curve 8900 could also be getting a 3G upgrade as well.

Forum moderator Godzilla posted the roadmap, The roadmap offered scant details over the new smartphones.

According to it, the touchscreen Bold (9900, codename “Pluto”) will stay with the same form factor and keyboard, while the Storm with a slider keyboard is unconfirmed and aimed at the European market. There are also references to HSPA and EV-DO versions of the 8900 (called the 9220 and 8930, respectively). There is also a 3G Kickstart and an EV-DO/HSPA Bold.

The Pearl could be getting an updated user interface. The phones could well see the light of day towards the end of 2009.