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PS3 looking to 3D in 2009

ps3 topview
ps3 topview

official: the past is the new future. After Sky declared their intent to get full-on daft-glasses-wearing 3D telly into the home, it
looks like Sony wants the PS3 to do the same.

Schneider, President and CEO of Meant to be Seen, "the world’s
first and only stereoscopic 3D certification and advocacy group",
has talked about being contacted by Blitz Game Studios, who are
creating and licensing a 3D engine for the console. Apparently, they
told him that Sony "fully intends" to start using
stereoscopic 3D for their games and Blu-Ray movies from next year.

best part is console support will only need a bios upgrade to work,"
says Schneider. "We are told that the ability to add this
capability via bios may be unique to Sony PS3 versus the other
console solutions."

The Master System and NES both pulled off this trick 20-odd years

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