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FilmOn launches high-speed, high definition movie download service


filmon.jpgThe trouble with HD movie downloads is that the sequel could well come out before you’ve had the time to download the original.
But a new technology could make it possible to download high definition
films, even over slow broadband connections, in seconds instead of hours. 

The new video-on-demand service will be available from movie download website FilmOn.
The technology gets around the problems of very large file sizes by
compressing them and sending them via a cloud computing network.

technology is known as HDi and the service is dubbed "Virtual Cable
Television" by Alki David, the man who created the compression software
powering the service.

"The way we watch film is changing," Mr David told The Times.
"People used to dress up to go out to the cinema. Then it was a trip to the
video store. Now you’re at home with your plasma TV and an internet

The company is to show the technology to BT in 2009 with the hope that the telco will use it in its own television service BT
Vision. David said that unlike conventional high-definition
programming, this technology does not require fibre optic cabling to be
installed to the customer’s doorstep. Instead it can be used over
traditional copper cabling.

FilmOn service, launches today and will be offering more than 7,000
films and documentaries for streaming. New films and popular titles
will be able to be rented for £3.99 for 24 hours or £5 to download and
keep. Users of the service can also upload their own clips as well.