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Apple gives away free music to iPod users


06ipodfamily.jpgHeaven knows you won’t be miserable now. Apple has decided in its
infinite wisdom to actually start giving away music downloads from its
iTunes music service to celebrate Christmas (its better than
frankincense and myrrh).

The Cupertino company is said to be offering punters a chance to fill
up their shiny new, yet empty iPods with the likes of the Smiths and
the Ting Tings (so say the NME).

The iTunes 12 days of Christmas run throughout the twelve days of
Christmas in an amazing coincidence (26 December to 6 January).

The free tracks will definitely include "rare singles, live tracks and
free music videos". It is also throwing in classic TV episodes as well
(because you never see classic TV shows during Christmas do you?)

More details will be revealed at www.itunes12daysofchristmas.co.uk.