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Turn your back garden into an Open Air Cinema

open air cinema 1
open air cinema 1

OK so it really is the wrong time of year to talk about going and
staying outside (unless you want to freeze to death). But this
inflatable projection screen means that you can watch a blockbuster
movie in the comfort of your own garden.

The screen is true widescreen (we say that because it measures 16 feet
by 9 feet) and has a 220-inch diagonal length (making a 420inch plasma
look like a pocket telly). The surface is black backed meaning that
rear lights should not be shown and contrast should improve.

"The 16-foot screen is the largest screen available for backyard use on the market," said Stuart Farmer, president of Open Air Cinema.
"This new size truly converts your backyard into a huge cinematic
experience. With the included blower fan, it takes just a few seconds
to inflate. And even though it is the biggest screen we recommend for
home use, it is still easy to set up, use and take down."

The screen is currently available in the US for $999 (£600). We hope it’s available in the UK by next summer.

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