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Adult game peripheral brings about the end times

somcom 03
somcom 03

no easy way to say this, but a Japanese company have developed a
peripheral designed to be attached to your personal area while playing
a rather stimulating, err, video game for grown-ups.

The unfortunately-named Overflow are working on a new PC game, Cross Dreams,
and have produced a machine called a SOM (we neither know nor wish to
know if this stands for anything) that attaches to your USB port, and
then moves in real time to the corresponding on-screen motions in the
game’s, er, "climax scenes". As the website puts it, "Install SOM and
experience a next-gen reality!" And yes, there is a women’s version of
the device too. As well as a more "realistic" version where the, um,
top portion is replaced with a clenched plastic hand.

According to the manufacturer, the SOM employs a material called septon, which is used in medical devices. That’s all right, then.


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