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Customs warn over fake Nintendo DS consoles

nintendo dsi open
nintendo dsi open

nintendo_dsi_open.jpgIf that cheap Nintendo DS console looks to cheap to be true then it
probably is. According to Her Majesty’s Customs, Britain is being
flooded with hundreds of dodgy Nintendo DS and DS Lite handheld

The machines have been seized by the authorities around the country and
Nintendo itself has confirmed that the goods were counterfeit. It also
warned that the power supplies were not tested and therefore
potentially dangerous.

The handhelds were purchased from a number of Asia-based websites and
had been selling for £40 rather that the normal retail price of £100.

Pamela Rogers, HMRC’s Head of Intellectual Property, said: "At best,
these consoles would have led to disappointment on Christmas morning;
at worst, they could have caused serious harm or injury.

"Counterfeit goods also cause considerable damage to the UK economy by
undermining genuine UK retailers and small businesses who are honest
and abide by the rules."

Mike Rawlinson, MD of the games industry organisation Elspa, thanked
Customs for its help and asked parents to be careful about buying cheap electronics goods. He said: "often
when a bargain seems too good to be true it actually is."