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LG Prada accessorizes your messages

lg new prada link
lg new prada link

LG Prada Link for the LG KF900 Prada phoneNot content with giving the new Prada phone a whirl down the catwalk, LG has also added a new wearable wrist accessory that keeps you stylish and up to date.

The Prada Link (or less catchily titled LG LBA-T950) is a “remarkable device” that wirelessly synchronises with the latest Prada Phone via Bluetooth technology.

Once paired with the phone, the Prada Link alerts users either by sound or vibration to incoming calls, SMS messages, Caller ID, and alarm notifications without having to take the handset out of the bag or pocket.

And its digital chronograph automatically synchronizes to reflect global standard time zones.

A security feature on the Prada Link is also available to alert users when the handset is out of range.

“Inspired by the understated design philosophy of the Prada tradition and crafted by paying attention to the finest details, this aesthetically pleasing timepiece is made with a full metal body and tempered glass, wrapping gently around the wrist with a set of leather straps,” the fashionable press release says.

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* Bluetooth 2.0
* 3-line (120 x 56) 0.9-inch Mono OLED display
* 3-bar water resistance (30 metres)
* Dimension (WxLxD): 38.7 x 32.5 x 11.0 mm
* Weight: 51g

* Bluetooth connection for pairing with the LG KF900 Prada phone
*Notification of Calls & SMS including:
Caller identification (Caller name and number)
Call history
Snooze/reject call
SMS full text display
Call/SMS Alerts via Ring/vibration/LCD
* Notification of phone alarm via Ring/vibration/LCD only
* Alarm stop/snooze function
* Other tools include:
World time
Battery indicator