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Denon bigs up Blu-ray

denon dvd 3800bdsr
denon dvd 3800bdsr

Denon DVD-3800BDSRDenon has unveiled a Blu-ray player that it says offers its "best pictures to date", as well as "releasing the amazing audio ability of Blu-ray". Well, you’d expect something special given the DVD-3800BD’s £1,600 price tag…

So what do you get for your money? Digging a little deeper into this high-end system shows the DVD-38000 packs in quite a package for your suitcase full of pounds. Take a deep breath…

* A unique drive mechanism that Denon specifically developed for use with Blu-ray discs: "To further protect the internal disc space from magnetic influences, dust, and external noise, Denon improved its mechanism unit from previous DVD players by adding a shield to the bottom and top of the unit, creating an ideal playback environment inside."
* A newly-developed DDSC-HD circuit (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit – High Definition) to support the latest HD audio formats. “This topology uses discrete devices for ultimate performance in each circuit block and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders.”
* Denon’s proprietary Advanced AL24 Processing and AL24 Processing Plus for "the best sound".
* A Pure Direct mode, for "greater audio signal purity".
* Denon’s Suppress Vibration Hybrid (SVH) loader constructed with a combination of different materials to "ensure stable disc rotation and greater accuracy in disc reading."
* Video and power circuits separated into two independent blocks within the chassis, and to thoroughly eliminate signal degradation caused by interference between circuits, each circuit has been mounted on its own board.
* The top cover features a two-layered construction and the chassis bottom is constructed of three layers to protect the circuits from vibration.
* "Some of the most powerful upscaling technologies available": an I/P (Interlaced/Progressive) converter and a Realta scaler that translates the SD video images of DVD to high-definition 1080p images. “High conversion performance is made possible by 10-bit processing, and motion detection is dramatically improved upon as well.

The DVD-3800BD will come in three finishes – silver, premium silver and black – and will hit stores in December 2008.